About us

What Is Easy Estimates?

Easy Estimates was first founded by brothers Mike and Jack Gregory in 2014, after its initial launch and huge popularity the idea was to ensure a seamless and easy to use service was maintained and has since come on leaps and bounds.

Where It All Started

Mike and Jack having both been in the construction industry for many years and understood the time-consuming elements of pricing potential work. Both Mike and Jack currently run a successful construction company that undertakes new build projects from small houses to multi-occupational apartments.

To enable them to increase and free up time to concentrate on other areas of the business they looked for a solution to enable the pricing and tendering process to be more seamless and less time-consuming.


The Solution

The solution came in the form of a pricing software that once understood and was fined tuned to their requirements it created highly accurate and detailed quotes that had clients so impressed, tenders had been won by the sheer detail and professional feel from the quote itself.

Friends and business colleagues who were also in the construction industry saw the level of detail and just how well organised and arranged the prices where they started requesting if they could have their tenders done with the use of the software.


Easy Estimates Was Formed

It soon became apparent that such a service was in demand and as a result, Easy Estimates was founded.


Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to provide a high-quality pricing and estimating service that takes each project as a unique set of circumstances, unlike other such services Easy Estimates will ensure that your project is treated as an individual, not a template that is used for all clients.

Our estimates are done in-house by experienced individuals some of whom are still on site either managing and quite often on the tools! We understand what happens on site and the process of any construction project and each is unique and different to the other.

Easy Estimates provides everything you need for your construction estimating and quoting needs.